Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jalie Control Briefs 2572

Hi everyone.

Would you believe I have never sewn a pair of knickers up until now? These are actually knickers-as-swimwear commissioned by my daughter but they may have made me change my mind about the future of sewing underwear. They were easier than I thought.

The pattern is Jalie 2572 which I thought it had gone out of print but it is still for sale on the Jalie website

Like I said, the pattern was made up out of shiny black dance lycra from Spotlight as retro style bikini bottoms for my daughter. The gusset was lined with swimsuit mesh and the waist and legs finished with  elastic that I zig-zagged on, then folded over to the inside and then zig zagged again. She wanted the tummy panel and all and was very happy with them. There's nothing new under the sun ;)


Back (excuse the wrinkles, my lycra got sat on before it was made up!)

Regarding the sizing I measured in the flat and then compared  a 'proper' swimsuit bottom then traced off the appropriate size but added 5/8" at the side seams for ease because control briefs are designed for squeeze not ease! I also added 5/8" along the top at the waist for turning down the elastic.

The pattern came together easily and the leg line which looked a bit odd when I was tracing it off works like a dream. It's a modest (read 'retro') snug but surprisingly comfortable leg line.

Needless to say they'd be fabulous as control briefs and the next time I need some in black (I've got some RTW ones in nude) I'll use this pattern.

The shaping shorts that are also in the pattern look like they could be lengthened to be used as thigh shapers under skirts.

Quite a nifty pattern really.

Edited to add:   The pattern consists of  Control Briefs, Shaping shorts and a Waist Clincher thing that looks like a back support!

It does not include the bra or the little exercise top (I wish it did!)

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

M6991 Top

I've just done  a Pattern Review of McCalls 6991

McCalls 6992 View A

Thank goodness for a skimpy black bra..

Here's my silk top looking all innocent and picturesque. I can tell you right now if it wasn't real silk in double sided python print gorgeousness this top would have come very close to ending up in the dark recesses of the Spare Wardrobe Never to see Daylight again. Thank goodness I have been sewing for forty something years (gulp!) and knew that the lack of clarity with this pattern's description/instructions/drafting were not my fault. For the full rant please do read the pattern review linked above.

Basically the problem anyone would have with this view of a potentially great pattern is that bias armholes drop and you can't get away with using the same size armhole for a sleeveless bias drape top as you do for one with a roomy sleeve. Also the instructions that don't remind you to stabilize first.

I mean, I should have known but I suspect a beginner would have been in a real mess with this, so I will repeat here what I said in my pattern review: 

Come on McCalls! Draft a separate front piece for View A instead of giving us a second top nobody seems to be making, and give us proper step by step instructions for a bias garment! 

Having ranted twice, I feel much better thanks. I like the top. They're the in thing!
I will wear it to an upcoming party. I'll consider making it in silk crepe, if I find the perfect can't-tell-one-side-from-the-other print. This one catches the breeze and turns into a balloon. Ok I love it anyway..

Keep on Sewing,

Friday, 16 January 2015

Raglan top Butterick 3030


Every now and then I stop at one of my favourite second hand stores in a nearby town. It is a large barn like space with lots of books and it has the best selection of second hand patterns of any place I know. I was looking for swim suit or lingerie patterns because I am concocting a retro style swimsuit for my daughter in an effort to come up with something that matches her sketch & description. More on that later.

While I was at it I found Buttterick 3030 to make DD a work top from material that she had bought. She just wanted something simple, pull on, wash and wear. She liked it so I made this.

I modified the back by putting in a CB seam and a sway back adjustment. Then I put two vertical darts for a little bit of waist definition.

Butterick 3030, now OOP 

I haven't had a chance to see the top on DD. It was a quick make and something she needs that will not look 'wilted' at the end of the day. If it works there may be requests for more ..

The pattern's now out of print. I did a search and it is surprisingly difficult to find a simple raglan sleeve top pattern for wovens rather than knits but I'm sure there are raglan sleeve dress patterns that could be modified.

Edited to add I just came across Simpicity 1195 cocktail dress  It has raglan sleeves and princess seams. It's just too cute as a dress though ..

Happy sewing,