Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Butterick 5958 Jacket

Hi Everyone,

I finally got around to making B5958 

I liked the look of this pattern ever since it came out and have always liked this style. The pattern is for a overlapped and lined jacket with either a zip or button closure, collarless or with a straight collar.

I went for View C with collar and cuffs and a zipper. I had some dark brown corduroy in the stash but it wasn't enough to try the jacket out so I cut the fronts and collar out of some tie dyed velvet that I bought from the bargain table at Spotlight earlier in the season on impulse. I had the zip. I had the lining and interfacing. All I ended up buying was dark brown topstitching thread. Sewing velvet on velvet or velvet against corduroy was a slow business even with a walking foot and what with all the hand stitching I did along the edges of the garment, the jacket took a fair bit of time.

The pattern has no pockets. They were my addition.

I like the collar, done or undone.

The back works too. I had cuffs cut out from the tie died velvet but liked the sleeves better without them.

My almost headless and footless shots are because I forgot the tripod plate wasn't on my camera so the camera was precariously rested on the tripod with the strap wound around it. Also I took these between rain showers so they'll have to do!

I like the pattern and used it with minimal tweaking so I am off to write a Pattern Review.

Happy Sewing,


Friday, 15 August 2014

Winner August give Away

Beat the drums and shake the maracas. Get out the silk shirt with the biggest sleeves ever!

Thornberry, You have won the August give away. Email me!


Friday, 8 August 2014

Jalie 3132

I made my first Jalie!

I resisted this Canadian Company because of postage and exchange rates, but you know what, they are no more expensive than ordering from some of the independent pattern companies right here in Oz, so it was time I gave them a go.

Here is 3132 Nursing Tees. I made the regular variation *cough*
I traced off the size that corresponds to my Burdastyle size and it was spot on. The pieces are nicely drafted and fit together so well. The instructions come in written and diagram form. I love diagrams, being a visualizer I don't need much else.

I used some grey knit from my stash and a long shoe lace for the hoodie tie. I kept the tunic length but future garments will be a bit shorter. I like the hoodie on a V neck and the just right sleeves.

I haven't moved to acreage. I wish. I took the photos in the Plough and Harrow East Regional Park, which is ten minutes drive away and used to be a horse riding ranch when I was a kid.

I have ordered some lovely bamboo knit fabric to do this hoodie top again, but more on that later. For now I may just do another make over, an outdated coat to jacket.

Happy weekend and happy sewing,