Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What to do with leftovers

Of fabric that is - make a dress, especially when the fabric was bought for $1 a metre - honestly - when my Spotlight was closing down. It's just right for this little sack dress.

This is New Look 6948. I'd made up this pattern before, see PR Review for three versions of this dress. The top and pants are cute too but I haven't made them up. The heat wave we had in Sydney has passed but it was nice to do another quick-to-make dress to just throw on.

Happy sewing everyone.

Friday, 4 February 2011

More ruffles or My First Successful Knockoff

Dear People
I'm glad to announce I've got my sewing mojo back! I lost it in the midst of daily hassles and just couldn't sew. I'm glad its back because sewing makes me feel that the world is sitting properly on its axis and is still revolving, as it should. I'm glad to announce that I've made my first successful knock-off. Do you remember the RTW Jag dress and the ruffle top?

The dress that started it all:  purchased RTW Jag silk dress

McCall 5336

Well for once I've followed through and made my first successful knock-off.

Ta Da! The Knock-Off Ruffle Dress!
I've made half baked semi-successful knock offs before that didn't really capture the look of the original but this one worked. (and excuse me modelling with wet hair straight out of the shower, we are having a week of intense heat in Sydney). The pattern used is the same one as for the ruffle top with the ruffles modified  to start at the shoulder seams, go wider and longer, especially in the front. It's made out of a soft slippery knit, Manhattan from Spotlight. I'm wearing the silk belt from the JAG outfit. It wouldn't be hard to make. It is just a straight interfaced belt with a bit of wide elastic inserted at each end and snaps.

All pattern pieces used are from McCalls M5336. I shortened the blouse pieces to the waist, added the straight skirt without darts, modified the ruffle pieces and hoped for the best. Here are the pieces:


The back was modified to give the back a V shape, like the original dress. Please note that the outer edges of the ruffle were expanded out to cover my linebacker shoulders - a total width of nine inches tapering down to the original width at the ends. I sort of drew it on the material with chalk as I was cutting out and ddin't do the paper thing. The neck edges were self bound. The frill edges have no finish as this material doesn't fray.

A PR review will follow.
Happy sewing!