Sunday, 24 June 2012

Out-Of-Necessity Leggings. BurdaStyle 126/3/2012

Dear Peoples,
One is not supposed to whinge or moan or whine but..It's My blog and I'll whine if I want to Leslie Gore on You Tube because my knee is still sore as a result of an injury. What is the point of all this? At the moment getting dressed is far easier if I wear leggings and the few I have are on high rotation, so out of necessity I decided to make some out of light weight denim with 5% spandex, that just happened to be half price at Lincraft.
I already had March BurdaStyle 2012 on loan from the library and in it was a very nice three part trouser for stretch fabrics. Trying to get a link from Burda is a hassle so here are pics of my pattern.

The mag

The Pattern

My version, and Look Ma there are no side seams!

The original is a ritzy three part pant with a front decorative seam and a back decorative seam and they fit really well. Yes! The original also has: front darts, a partial band below the waist band, back welt pockets and a fly zip. All gone. I extended the pieces to make away with the extra decorative band and at the last minute didn't even put in a mock fly. I added a bit of ease width ways that I could probably take out again, next time I make them. Because I will make them again, I love them.

Not model tight.. Don't tell anyone they are supposed to look like this

Edited to add a link to my pattern review of pants no 2 Pattern Review
and a photo.

Seeing I have plenty of time to sew at the moment watch out for a Burda shirt coming soon.
Happy sewing and whatever you are doing, 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Two tops one pattern Butterick 5679

Dear Sewing Friends
How are things? I've sewn  up a couple of quick tops both from B5679. The first one is a quirky top with a dangling side pocket, View C, from a green paisley velour.

Taken in the winter rain. I'll do a review eventually. Edited to add a link to my Pattern Review B5679. Basically I lengthened  the body and pocket pieces by 1 1/2" and the sleeves by 1". I wanted a normal length top and full length sleeves. Oh and I kept taking it in!

Then I fell in love with some chocolate & black flecked ponti so I gave View B a go.

Doing my best model pose in front of the outdoor dunny convenience. A lot of older Australian houses built in the 50's had outdoor toilets and laundries. The laundries eventually become part of the house due to expansion and of course most indoor bathrooms were eventually modified to include a toilet. I hope you like this gratuitous piece of architectural history.

Another shot.

This time you get a shot of the smalls hanging out to dry.

On more serious matters the cowl top went together beautifully but I had to play around with the length of the front and back points, take 2" off them and round them off to half way up the sides. I also narrowed the very straight and wide sleeves by 5/8" almost all the way up to the armpit.

Here for a laugh is the night-time try on of the top in its original form.

Happy sewing everyone. I am hobbling around in pain at home with an injured knee. I'd love this time off if I could freely get out and about, but I can't do much and I have to be patient. Bother (and other words I shan't type).

Sunday, 10 June 2012

New Look 6648

Dear Peoples,
I've just sewn up New Look 6648 and am very happy with it. This pattern for a batwing top is a departure from what I normally wear and I wasn't sure would work. Would my wide shoulders look bigger than they are? Are gathers on my waistline a good idea? Hm maybe no, but guess what, it worked. The looseness coupled with a clinchy band hides a multitude of figure sins. I think I'll be using it again hehe.
It all started with the purchase of a very unusual stripe and border knit bought at a Tessuti sale two months ago. The material is very fine and fairly stretchy so I wanted to work with the grain and also with the pattern and keep the border running up one side of a pattern. How to showcase that? Then cruising Pattern Review I saw this top which has been reviewed 48 times. Hey if 48 reviewers say that a pattern is good the chances are that it is and I am glad to say it was.


Ready for Take-off

The back is a mirror image of the front and luckily I had enough material to play around and do this.
there is also enough of the grey & cream stripe to make a little top - maybe View C, a sleeveless cowl neck.
I am writing a review for PR but I will mention that the main modification I made was to use View B from a V to a round neck then match it to the back neck curve as shown here:

There are a few more tops in the pipeline, for DD and myself. We both bought velour in the current Spotlight Sale and another experimental top of a different variety is coming up.

Running to get into place
Happy Sewing everyone.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Skirt and two Knock offs

Dear Readers,
It's nice when someone likes your sewing so much that they say "Please make me something." It is even better when they end up wearing the garments a lot. Now I do realize there are blogs whose by-line is "I only sew for Me me Me" notably the very talented and knock-off proficient Selfish Seamstress whose increasingly sporadic posts I avidly consume as soon as they appear. I agree with her sentiment of I only want to sew clothes for me! But even Ms Selfish has on occasion sewn for others. Would she be able to resist requests from her own offspring?
Which leads me to my humble offering of this post. Guess which is the original skirt and which are the knockoffs..

The grey skirt is the original.

It is made from a stretch woven and my daughter wanted it in ponti. I traced the admittedly simple shape of the skirt and yoke and came up with this.

I've had mixed results with attempted knock offs in the past and I've found that I have to go by the finished measurements of the garment, not the person for whom it is intended, especially when it is your daughter wanting the exact fit. Here's the result.

 Please excuse the end of day wrinkles (the skirts, not mine!) Now I'm off to sew something for me...