Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Impulsive Rosie Style Arc Top

Hello Bloggers, I'm still here. I've made up Style Arc's Rosie top, which was a freebie with some other Style Arcs bought earlier in the year. I like the line drawing. I like the idea of a quick pull on top that could be made in a variety of fabrics. The recommended fabrics are 'crepe, washed silk, cotton' but it really needs something with drape. I had nothing crepe-like that I was willing to use for a muslin so I used a piece of quilting cotton that I had bought on impulse and ran it up.

Before cutting out I did lots of measuring  and thinking. The crosswise front seam arcs over the stomach at a weird spot so I brought the centre of it down half an inch. I added 2cm to the armholes to extend those cap sleeves a little bit. I added the seam allowance to the centre back and cut the piece on the fold as I needed the extra bit of width at the shoulders and neck but then I added two vertical darts to the back bodice at the waist and at the end I took the sides in a bit. I didn't do a back neck loop closure. I tweaked and fiddled and took pictures.

It might work better in a different material now that I've got the fit sorted.
Should I try it again? What do you think?


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Last Minute Lola

Dear bloggers,

Don't you love it when a pattern just comes together without any problems and gives the desired result? I love Lola, from Style Arc. As mentioned in my previous post, I quickly made them up from a piece of thrift shop rayon that cost $3 and elastic left over from my previous Lola. I like the greenish grey colours in this material and wish I had found it earlier in the Antipodean summer, but last minute is better than none.

Don't worry, I have fashionable things planned for Autumn/Winter but right now another pair of casual weekend pants was exactly what I need.

I didn't mean to have two palm trees growing out of my ass, but I don't think it quite qualifies for UPP (unfortunate print placement) like this lady at the local mall ..

I am happy with them.

Happy Sewing, 


Friday, 7 March 2014

March Give away Winner

Not much sewing this week friends, or much blogging either. My mother had a bout of ill health and is in hospital. The good news is that she is better and will probably go home to the retirement village in a day or two.  

On sewing matters, I put the names for the March draw into the random generator on and it came out with ... drumroll ..

image from google

Patricia from RED CARDINAL. Your prize will soon be on its way.

I have to admit I am surprised that this give away got much less of a response than the 70's or 80's vintage patterns I have put up in the past. Maybe I don't think Oo Ah because I wore them the first time around and it is like when I see stuff from the 40's? Anyway, there is more vintage coming! 

In theory I am trying to de stash but whenever I drop in to one of my favourite op-shops I come away with a clutch of patterns for just a few dollars. I'll be attracted by a designer pattern or an idea, a detail or just a fabulous illustration.  The fabrics are usually downright awful and easy to resist but this time there was an exception, some green hawaiian print lightweight rayon that will quickly be made into some Lola pants from Style Arc, see previous post here

Also in the queue is the Rosie top from Style Arc for my daughter and The Archer shirt pattern for me, once I download it and I'm starting to think about making jackets and so on. Does anyone else do this? Have more ideas than time to make them?

Time to get off the computer and do some cutting out!

Have a good weekend,

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Classic Vogue - March give away

Hello peeps, it's March already and I have sorted through the 'no I will never get to that' and 'some one might like it' patterns (trust me there's a few!) and pulled out two Vogue beauties.

First are the pants, Vogue basic design for pants in any length you can imagine. This pattern may still be in print, or it was until recently. 12-14-16 uncut unfolded etcetera. Straight leg, side pockets and what appears to be natural waist.

Vogue 2532

The next pattern is a OOP Vogue woman suit with a high collared semi fitted zippered jacket with two piece sleeves with zip openings. Also included are a darted skirt with back zip or darted pants with back zip. No waistbands, just facings. All in all very simple, elegant lines.
In size 14-16-18 uncut, unfolded.

Vogue 7682

Why give these away? Alas the Vogue crotch curve does not suit me, neither does the jacket neckline, much as I like it.

If you see the potential in these patterns and want to be in the draw for the give away, let me know in the comments by Sat 8 March. The giveaway includes both patterns.

Happy sewing, blogging and reading,