Thursday, 24 September 2015

Burdastyle best 50 is on again

Just a super quick post to let everyone know that Burdastyle is hosting another best 50 sewing blogs for 2015 but they have expanded the categories. Now is the time to nominate your favourite sewing, crafting of lifestyle blogger.

Link to

I am posting this in the hope that there will be a wider selection of entries from different countries and more emerging well as english speaking blogs of course!

I have nominated this Russian blogger who does amazing things every month from Burdastyle magazine


This fabulous Spanish lady who proves you can style yourself with  colour and sass at any age
Both are some of my favourite blogs and I love hearing of new ones.

image from Google images

Disclaimer. I am not posting this to get nominated. I am happy being a very small fish in the SBC pond.

Nominations close on September 30th.

Happy blogging!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Pieced version of McCall's 7093

Hi all,

The great thing about sewing is that if you like a pattern you can rattle off a few renditions of it. I have already blogged about M7093 here, made  in a floaty poly and was happy with it. DD requested a top from her travel material which I made and she loved it but I forgot to take pictures :(

Anyway, I started pulling all sorts of remnants and pieces out of my stash to make a pieced version and they all looked too disjointed somehow so I looked at the cover photo to figure out why it worked..  McCall 7093 image  and came to the conclusion that it was basically all tone on tone and I was trying to throw together too many colours.

So, I got out the small black and white print rayon bought on my travels for the back and centre front, some semi sheer white for the sleeves, black knit stash-leftover knit for the front side inserts and leftover yellow stripe knit from the top in my previous post and hey presto, something that was pleasing to the eye as far as colour went.

I found that woven for the body and knit for the sides was a good combination. I have a RTW which gave me the idea.

M7093, Pieced.

Alterations: this top is 3 cm shorter than the previous one - folded out through the lengthen/shorten lines. I added a CB seam and sway back adjustment while I was at it. The sleeve was modified by bringing down the centre of the curve by 1 cm then made a  little rolled hem and it didn't ripple. Hint:  Do it before sewing the side seams.
The pocket was modified to follow my redrawn hemline. I had previously redrawn it to bring the centre front down by 6 cm, tapering to the sides.

p.s There are lots of reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review

It's  good stash buster! But now there are other things to try.

Happy Sewing

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hybrid T shirt

Hello all,

Is there anything better than running up a quick T-shirt that feels good on? Yesterday, while rummaging for materials to make a pieced version of M7093 here (see previous post) I found this lovely knit that I had totally forgotten about. Stash score!
I carefully cut it out saving enough materials for side panels to use in a future colour block version of the McCalls.  

This T-shirt is my own hybrid pattern for a loose T, using The body of the Anne T by Style Arc  here (modified) and the shoulder and sleeve from New Look 6735 here (again, modified) and the hems of McCall 7093, modified. I drew my own neckline.

Basically the idea is to take the shoulder, armscye and sleeve head of a T-shirt you know sits well - my favourite for this is New Look 6735 - as the foundation. Then use elements of whatever other patterns takes your fancy.

By the way please excuse the serious expression in the photos.

I live in a  unit complex of several buildings and a fair bit of common ground and sometimes I feel like taking photos outside with some greenery... I'll choose a quiet time of day. I'll put the newly finished garment and some make up on, go downstairs with the camera and tripod and set up in a quiet corner. But before you know it I am being stared at like an animal at the zoo, even from a back balcony! I find it quite unnerving. I mean it's not like I'm doing cartwheels or playing the tuba or anything. Do people have nothing better to do? Honestly.

I'm quite impressed with myself that I matched all the stripes. Does the slight front curve look strange with the stripes? I might straighten it out a bit while keeping the back dip..

There'll be smiles (and feet) in my next post. Promise!


Thursday, 3 September 2015

McCall's 7093 Top

Hello from my not very glamorous Sydney balcony. I've sewed up the first of my travel materials using McCalls 7093 here  a pattern for a pieced, raglan sleeved high/low hem tops. I had seen this on a blog made up in a knit and liked it but silky or floaty wovens are recommended on the back of the envelope:  Crepe de Chine, Charmeuse, Chiffon, Georgette. I always wonder if they mean the silk variants of all these..
Anyway I have made it up in a pretty poly with digital print London scenes. See the Tower Bridge in the back view? I'm happy with the result and am thinking about digging out some 'too pretty to use' floaty silk georgette from a previous travel stash. (Got to get over my fear of ruining it and just do it already...)

The pattern is also crying out for some contrast piecing to bring out the design. I brought back a Desigual top from overseas and it's a clever mix of plain/patterned  knit/woven all in the same garment and I can see the possibilities to do similar things using this top and bits from my stash. I will have to start rummaging!

I used a size 14. My only alteration was to modify the front hem curve by lowering it by 2" at the centre front and drawing a new curve through the front and side front pieces but still using the original hem for the back. I like where it sits.

I used the view with the short sleeve. It is cut very curved almost like a cap sleeve. I'll straighten the curve out to bring it down an inch over the upper arm in future versions.

This is a nice summer top pattern. As for now I'm typing this in a sweat shirt. It's still cool here this morning!

Happy Sewing,