Thursday, 22 September 2016

M7361 Top - View D


I am editing this post to add a second top made from View B, the V neck view of this pattern, but with a level hem not the high low, even though on my body it still falls a bit high-low.  I extended the facing to meet the side seams and to go below the bust for stability. I made it from a poly crepe with a nice drape. It might even work as a dress. What do you think?

View B

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BTW I still have the patterns mentioned in my earlier post in the mental queue but I got distracted by new-to-me M7361 and two pieces of bargain table cotton prints from Pitt Trading. I sometimes work nearby which is dangerous when combined with a bad day and the need for fabric therapy. The sleeves are from leftover stash lightweight linen.The front and back panel lining is from stash lightweight cotton.

The black linen pants were made using V9067, view D.

Notes re making the top: The fit is described as loose. The sleeves are cut on the bias. After taking flat measurements I made a size 14. The instructions are good, mostly. The sleeve seam is sewn half way then pivoted to be sewn onto the sides of the top. They never mention clipping to the pivot point, which makes this type of construction so much easier. I interfaced the neckline with lightweight iron-on interfacing then self lined the complete front and back instead of doing facings. I lowered the front neck by 1/8 of an inch, the tiniest bit. I also swung the back panel seams out over my but by 1/4" Note: The front is high so if I make the level hem version I will add length to the whole top. Would I make it again? Yes. I was originally inspired by a version online that had added panels from the sides of the shoulder downwards. I can't find the photo darnit.. But if the right fabric comes up I'll make it again. In fact I've got some crepe which is saying 'make me, make me'...should I listen?

Back to (hopefully) making a wearable muslin of my in the queue vogue pants...

Happy Sewing,


Friday, 16 September 2016

Cynthia Rowley 1366 and thoughts for spring

Hi sewing friends. Next to my sewing space - aka - my kitchen table, I have a cork board where I post notes and sketches and outfits ripped out of magazines and little lists headed with things like 'The Classic French Woman's Wardrobe". Maybe I should get real and write a list titled "How an Australian woman of unmentionable age will get through the summer heat" wardrobe haha. Anyway I am working on it. I have plans. I have more lovely material and patterns than time but I am determined not to waste time and actually do what I've planned!

Recently I was in Sydney looking for a stripy knit - one of my perennial favourites and I stumbled across a gorgeous expensive linen in a giant ikat print in Tessuti's instead. I could see it made up as a loose summer top. The price was in the 'gasp' category. I bought it anyway, took it home, washed it, ironed it, got out the TNT pattern I had in mind. Then I fiddle-faddled about getting out other patterns and retaking my measurements and hesitating. The ikat design is freeform, not really even or symmetrical which added to it's charm but also added to the 'this may be a waste of time& money' factor. Then just I held my breath and did it.
Note for the notice board:  life is too short not to cut into good material
This is the result. I have sewn this pattern, Sim 1366, a lot. See here No doubt there will be more.

So what are the summer plans? I've bought this Anne Klein pattern for a zippered top and pull on stretch pants. V1517. Instant love.

I have designer blue denim that I will use for the jacket, probably without the lining. I also have white stretch denim to make the pants, but I'll try them out in stash cotton sateen first. Meanwhile there is another top pattern from last summer I never got around to making,V9004 that's next in the production line. 
TNT's are good but I'm resolving to sew patterns when I buy them, not put them away to be forgotten.
Another note for the notice board:  sew that new pattern now!

Happy sewing,

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Butterick 6183 Lisette Top

Hi guys,

How's everyone sewing? harhar..  I've been looking at my collection of top patterns and looking at my stash - especially my impulse bargain table buys and I am determined to marry the two. This is the first effort, essentially a wearable muslin of B6183. The pattern came out a year or two ago and I've been eyeing it since then so I ran it up. The top has a front yoke, different cup sizes, princess seams and a little exposed zip at the back neck. The front yoke is self lined and then the whole neck edge is finished with bias binding. BTW the pants with the pattern are described as 'slightly flared' - form the hip! the legs are wide but they look like a cool loose-at-the-leg pant for summer..must dig through the pants section of the stash :)

I eliminated the zip and did not do the yoke facing. Why would you unless your fabric for the yoke is sheer? I put in a CB seam and a button and loop closure at the back neck. Then in the end I sewed it shut and left the smiling cat novelty button (from All Buttons Great & Small, Newtown) as a decoration. I can pull the top over my head.

The verdict? I don't know. I like the idea of it but it needs something. Firstly it's short, high hip level. Then it's 'semi-fitted', neither fitted or boxy, but to be honest (again) I did add .5 cm of ease to the CFF and the CB to accommodate my wide shoulders and neck. On the positive it is almost there. Definitely wearable.

Happy sewing, whether it's spring or autumn,