Friday, 12 May 2017

Me made May 2017 Weekly wrap 2

I've been following a few of my favourite people on instagram and they are posting wonderful things for me made may.

I don't have much to report this week as I am trying not to post repeats of outfits but I did manage to get out a dress that's been languishing in my wardrobe since I got back to Australia after working in England. I made this in 2011  :0   I bought the material over there and made the dress on a very basic second hand sewing machine using just straight and a zig zag stitches. Hard to get more basic than that but in reality, for a stable knit, that's all you need.

Knit dress, pattern M1163 made from winter 2011/2012 My Image magazine  My Image 

Then there's two un blogged tops, both very basic basics from my two current favourite TNT's.

Simplicity 1366 above and New Look 6735 below

Even the same pose... grab and go stuff

I know they fit and I can alter them to get the looks I need. I'm planning to be a bit more creative with the looks next week and here are a few projects in the pipeline. 

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Happy sewing,


  1. I have also been following me made May, but think I would find it overwhelming to do it myself. I am a very slow sewist! Your dress and tops are great, particularly the last one, and it seems you have found good knit patterns to use as basics. It is my quest for the year :)

  2. What a great dress! love this look on you.

  3. Thanks ladies. Happy Mother's day Patricia - and to you too Coco even though you are not Aussie :)

  4. Excellent that you are finding garments and boots in your wardrobe to wear as the dress looks perfect and the T's are what we all need.